we make air filters and FFU, laminar flow hoods, air shower for pharmaceutical, food process, micron electronic, bio-technology, hospital and painting industries, customized and standard size available.
Introduced the most advanced automatic production line for air filters, production equipment ensure customers enjoy the latest technology, high-quality air filters, and most professional services.
As an air filter manufacturer and supplier, we manufacture a complete range of air filtration products including High Efficiency filters such as HEPA filters, and ULPA filters, Medium Efficiency filters such as V-bank filters, pocket filters, medium panel filters, Low Efficiency filters such as metal mesh filters, Medium-efficiency filter media such as paint booth ceiling filter rolls, Pre-efficiency filter media such as fiberglass exhaust filter rolls, paint booth intake filters, Activated

Who We Are

The “PROMARK” is a company that aim to provide best solution for cleanroom, we make all kinds of air filters and filter equipment such as pre filter, medium filters, HEPA filters, Fan Filter Unit and so on. For making the HEPA filters, we have professional R&D department and QC to control the filter quality, to make sure every HEPA filters give required airflow rate and pressure drop, and to ensure each HEPA filters without leakages.
Our filters are mainly used for pharmaceutical, micron-electronics, and food & beverage processing, automotive, painting spray industries. For all of those industries, we offer standard size HEPA filters, and at the same time we offer customized size HEPA filters. We always try our best to meet the client`s requirements.
How we control the quality? We test the raw material glass fiber media by particle counter and pressure drop sense. After we confirm that the filter media meet efficiency, pressure drop and dust holding ability, then we start to make the HEPA filters. After the production, we test the filters by DOP and laser particle counter according to EN 1822 standard.


Why Shop From Us


We have qualified employee for providing total CNC work and reduce manually work for higher accuracy. We also do seven tank powder coating to our products for better results.


Our highly qualified staff provide unique and standardization design of the product and requirements. We also provide modification of design for the future expend and requirements.


We provide Installation service for our products. We have qualified, and trained employee for installation of our product, and they also provide proper usage guide for our product.

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